Single Chamber Pyrolysis

For pyrolysis of organic materials, a stable and established process is preferred. Common operational problems of these attempts were tar formation within the pyrolysis chamber and hazardous exhaust air emissions. The pyrolysis process developed by Biomacon is in operation since several years in multiple place in Europe without any operational problems. The technology is commercially available. The unique one-chamber simplex configuration avoids any tar formation and is an established and proven technology. The high combustion temperature of the pyrolysis gas through a low-NOx burner keeps the exhaust air emissions German air emissions limit values of the federal air emission law and respective directive
(BImSchG; 1. BImSchV).

The process does not require a detailed approval from the authorities according to the fourth federal emission directive (4. BImSchV) and is therefore considered as an innocuous process, which further indicates its environmentally sound process.

Furthermore, the pyrolysis technology developed by Biomacon is easy in operation and requires low professional skills of the operating personnel. In Lower Saxony, a federal state in Germany, a low skilled farmer is operating a 61 kW Biomacon pyrolysis plant successfully and without any operational issues continuously for 1.5 years. Whereas the handling on ground is simplified, the process can be monitored online from Biomacon. In case of any operational issues, Biomacon will be notified immediately and is able to react. Therefore, the online monitoring of the pyrolysis plant in Chennai will be ensured by Biomacon. In case of any operational issue, the VEOPL staff, trained by Biomacon prior to the construction of the pilot plant, will be able to handle the issue with online support and close guidance of Biomacon.

In conclusion, the technology developed by Biomacon offers a reliable, stable and established process as well as an easy handling for the operating staff. Learning from previous attempts to establish the pyrolysis technology in India and including the above mentioned precautions and vocational trainings in the pyrasol project, a successful implementation of the pyrolysis technology is considered as feasible and suitable for India. Hence, the pyrolysis technology developed by Biomacon is selected for this project.

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