Work Packages & Task Distribution

WP 1 – Organization and Coordination
  • Organizational Preparation and Data Research
  • Project Coordination, Reporting and Documentation
  • International Project Meetings & Workshops
Coordinator: ISAH

WP 2 – Laboratory Scale supplementary analyses and tests

  • Combined Solar Chimney Effect Drying Experiments in Laboratory Scale
  • Thermal Conversion Characteristics with different Substrate Ratios (TGA-FTIR)
  • Investigation of Biochar Effect on Barren and Saline Land
Coordinator: ISAH

WP 3 – Pilot scale trials

  • Process Design and Detail Planning
  • Construction of Pilot Plant
  • Commissioning of Pilot Plant and Test Operation
  • Investigation of substrate mixtures with respect to drying and pyrolysis efficiency
  • Investigation of Energy Utilization and Condensing Boiler Technology (CBT)
  • Investigation of Solar Updraft concept
Coordinator: RAMKY

WP 4 – Feasibility Analysis for Smart City Adaptation & Scalability

  • Suitability to Smart City concept, scalability and adaptability
  • Market strategies and value-added chain
  • Data Assessment and Evaluation of Sustainability

Coordinator: CLRI

WP 5 – Knowledge Transfer & Training

  • International Workshops on solar drying
  • Workshops and Knowledge Transfer for pyrolysis plant commissioning and operation
  • 4 weeks Vocational Training for Indian Operating Personnel at a Biomacon pyrolysis plant (in operation) in Lower Saxony, Germany

Coordinator: BIOMACON


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